Types of Content

Web Content: Tells customers what you do, establishes credibility, provides information about your product or service.

Ghostwriting: Create nonfiction books with you as the author that people will really want to buy, or give them as gifts to increase client retention. WriteAngel will create the content, all you have to do is publish, and we are happy to recommend high quality typesetters and book designers for that creative flair you’re looking for.

Ebooks & Guides: Encourage visitors to “sign-up” to an e-mail list. Establishes your company as an authority on a topic, provides a value added service.

White Papers: Show clients and visitors how much you know about a topic, and how your company, product, or service can help them with your unique approach.

Social Media: Develop a concise social media marketing strategy to increase your customer base, get the word out about new ventures, and keep current customers interested.

Blogs: Increase search engine rankings and develop a following by providing regular blogs about your company, products, or industry.

Whether you need one of these content types or several, WriteAngel can work with you to develop exceptional content to reach your target market and acheive your marketing goals. Contact Us today for a free evaluation.